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Biomass Pilot-Plant in Colombia Update

Bogotá, Colombia.
March 5, 2012

In March of 2011, WES International announced the construction of a demonstration plant in Cogua, Cundinamarca, about one hour North from the Colombian Capital.  According to the CEO, Chemical Engineer Nelson Franco, this fluidized bed Gasifier is the perfect model to process biomass into electricity to auto feed the plant.  On a commercial scale this plant would be have a significant excess of electricity to sell to the grid.

Although the WES FBG-10 is a small capacity plant (10 tons per day), it’s goal is to demonstrate the benefits of gasification applied to some of the most common types of biomass waste such as rice husk, rice straw and sweet sorghum bagasse.

Director of R&D, Industrial Engineer José G. Lara, confirmed the plant will be ready for operation during the second quarter of 2012.  The main objective of “FBG-10” is to work as a store window for investors and business owners who may use this technology on a commercial scale, as well as a laboratory for students, technicians and professionals in general to witness the advantages of gasification vs. combustion as a perfect example of alternative clean energy.