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When we talk about waste management the image that usually comes to mind is a dirty, smelly process that is about as far from 'green' as you can get.

Waste Environmental Solutions International (WES International), is a company founded in 2010, created to develop and promote new technologies used to clean the Environment and at the same time produce an array of products useful to society. Our technology has concentrated in transforming waste materials into energy.

Based on the thermodynamic principle that energy is neither created nor destroyed but transformed, WES International takes municipal waste and extracts its energy to transform it into Syn Gas and Electricity. Further more as an extension of the above technology WES International can take any organic waste mainly Biomass and transform it into Electricity, Biofuels, Fertilizers and Bio char.

Both developed and developing countries around the world dangerously depend on fossil fuel as a source of energy, which is essential in our lives. Currently, our world population exceeds 6.7 billion people and in order to improve our quality of life we demand more energy. Increasing global population and per capita energy consumption is causing a huge impact on our environment. Renewable energy has been receiving more attention due to a variety of environmental economics and societal benefits.

We, at Waste International, are convinced that technologies such as pyrolysis and plasma gasification are the answer to this challenge. It is possible to create clean energy using any type of waste such as agricultural biomass or municipal solid or liquid waste and in the process, create jobs and clean the environment. This concept already has been implemented in countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Depending on the types of waste and the specific final products, we design the proper system using the right technique for a particular situation. For instance, Plasma Gasification has been the proven method to process municipal solid waste. However, it is not economically feasible for biomass. When working with animal waste such as chicken manure or agricultural waste such as corncobs, fast pyrolysis is the answer.

WES International has developed the WES process, which not only minimizes the emissions to the atmosphere but also raises the standards of power efficiency. While traditional boilers offer an average of 27% efficiency and our competitors alike using gasification can only reach a maximum efficiency of 43%, we offer efficiency at 60% plus.

Another very important aspect of WES technology is the use of “energy crops” to obtain electricity, biofuels and bio char based fertilizers. Woody crops and tropical grasses are receiving more attention from energy crops companies. It is important to point out that these crops are not for human consumption and do not affect the prices of food, which is the case of corn, and sugar cane. WES International has been working very closely with Colombian researchers from CORPOICA, an agricultural research institution, in the development of new varieties of one of these energy crops: “Sorghum bicolor Moench” known as “Sweet Sorghum”. This energy crop shows outstanding characteristics such as high content of sugar and starch to produce ethanol; high-density biomass with excellent calorific value for the generation of electricity and its grain has been used for hundreds of years to prepare animal feed. In addition, WES International has the technology to produce bio char based fertilizer since this last material is an inevitable byproduct from the pyrolysis of biomass.