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Our Services

WES Services WES International provides a range of services from helping customers understand what plasma gasification is and how to apply it, to more broader services such as full project management and implementation of a plasma gasification plant. Our services are designed around the value we can bring to our customer, using our expertise in specialized technologies.

Project Management

We work hand in hand with our customers to define the project and to develop a cost estimate for it. Once the project is approved, we can work with the customer in the construction of the facility or we can act as a turnkey facilitator of the plant. We keep close control of the budget and schedule and issue monthly reports to customer.

  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Preliminary cost estimate
  • Permit realization (government and environmental)
  • Final engineering (drawings and specifications)
  • Final cost estimate
  • Issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Equipment purchase
  • Contract Awards
  • Construction Management
  • Plant Validation
  • Startup
WES Engineering


Based on customer requirements, we will develop the appropriate solution using the appropriate waste regeneration technologies.

We will direct the different phases of engineering including:

  • architectural
  • civil
  • structural
  • process
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • instrument and controls
  • environmental

WES Construction Management

Construction Management

We work hand in hand with the project manager to ensure that all phases of construction are preformed on-time, within budget, and meet all safety codes.

We take responsibilities of all field activities including:

  • Generation of daily work permits
  • Construction safety at the site
  • Construction schedule
  • Change request reviews and approvals
  • Quality controls
  • Startup and commissions


Our many years of experience allow us to recommend the most beneficial solutions for the disposal of multiple varieties of waste and recommend the auxiliary plants needed to recover the energy from the waste. While at the same time we preserve the environment by generating minimal emissions.

  • Feasibility analysis to determine the viable use of the technology
  • Work with customers to come up with creative solutions that use the technologies to solve their problems